Sprout cultivation with water only -How to grow buckwheat"Soba" sprout-

Soba sprout was cultivated at Richell Corporation's "Sprout Farm".This is made in Japan.

Sprout can be cultivated only with water. It is cleaner than cultivated in soil and is suitable for indoor cultivation.


Soba contains a polyphenol called rutin and is effective in preventing lifestyle-related diseases such as stroke, hypertension, and arteriosclerosis.

The cultivation procedure is as follows.

-Cultivation procedure-

1) Put seeds and water in container A and leave overnight. It is enough if the amount of water is above the height of the seed.


2) Transfer the seeds to container B and smooth them out so that they do not overlap as much as possible. Some seeds have softened shells and roots.


3) Fill container A with water up to the reference line and place container B on it. Cover with newspaper until the buds grow to the height of container B.




4) Change the water once a day until it grows to the point where it is ready to eat. When the sprout touches the newspaper, remove it.

2 day later : A lot of roots and shoots come out.


4 day later


6 day later : 

It was about 80% ready to eat, so I harvested it. You can easily pull it out by pulling it by hand.


Cut the roots to a size that is easy to eat.


I made a salad. There is no habit of bitterness, and anything seems to fit.

I recommend buckwheat sprout because it grows fast and doesn't smell.